Our project "Body hydration monitor." is one of the finalists. This #technology could change the #healthcare industry.

The EU Horizon 2020 BOWI project has chosen SMEs from 6 different EU regions to take part in 10 month-long technology transfer experiments. Aim of these experiments and the project is to even out the distribution of digital technologies by strengthening the collaboration and experience exchange between different regions of Europe.

Manufacturing SMEs and mid-caps could submit their experiment application from 8th of June until 15th of September 2020. This call was launched in Latvia, Trøndelag region in Norway, Małopolskie in Poland, Nord Vest in Romania, Jihozápad in Czezch Republic and Yugozapaden region in Bulgaria while the next BOWI project’s call for experiments in 2022 will be addressing new regions.

Out of 79 submitted proposals 24 were chosen to receive tech support from BOWI’s digital innovation hubs (DIHs) and up to € 60 000 of funding each. The aim of the experiments is to refine new digital solutions that afterwards will help the companies to reach new market potential and scale and increase their region’s digital innovation level. Companies will receive 10-month long mentoring and business support from BOWI’s DIHs and gain access to specific facilities and infrastructure available provided by the hubs. The companies and hubs will be working together to find best solutions for the technological challenges they are facing and create new, better solutions for everyone.

In Bulgaria’s Yugozapaden region, the following applicants and experiment topics were chosen:

  • Virtech, Active and healthy ageing by using advanced IoT-enabled software solutions.

  • IKEM, innovative EV-charging solutions in Bulgaria for interoperability and connectivity of charging stations and services


  • DTK Electronics, Body hydration monitor.

  • Spesima, cloud-based digital twin platform for modelling robotised systems operating in heavy industry.

Now the chosen applicants will start their proposed technological refinement with the support of their local DIH – NAME OF YOUR DIH – and further backing from partner DIH located in digitally mature regions of Europe such as Netherlands, Germany, and Finland.

About the project The BOWI project is part of European Commission’s Smart Anything Everywhere initiative that aims to boost innovation uptake across Europe through widening and knowledge transfer between different regions and innovation hubs. The objective of the project is to support the collaboration between Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) across Europe to increase their capacity in supporting SMEs with digital technologies and thus strengthen regional economy and the competitiveness of the European SMEs. The BOWI project has received funding under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 873155.

For further information about the BOWI project and upcoming Open Calls, please visit the website www.bowi-network.eu.


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