LT-3108 CX

Modular optical transmitter compatible with the universal platform UMP-6U.
Contains two channels:
  -  Broadband channel for main signal
  -  Narrowcast channel for insertion of an additional signal.
The optical transmitter is accomplished with GaAsFET Active Components.

• Microprocessor control
• Automatic Level Control (ALC)
• Optical Output  -  8mW
• Ability to insert and adjust high level signals        
• RF Test Port for measuring input signal and setting the module

RF Section: Optical Section: Power Supply:
Bandwidth: 85÷1000Mhz
Input Level BB: 70dBµV
ALC Range: ± 3dB
Broadband Attenuator: 0÷30dB/0.5dB step
Narrowcast Attenuator: 0÷30dB/0.5dB step

Laser Diode: DFB
Wavelength: 1310nm ± 10nm             
Optical Power: 8mW (9dBm)                  

Supply Voltage: 24VDC                      
Power Consumption: ≤7W