ODP Chassis 5U

Modular optical platform for combining eight RP channels into a single fiber and transport them to a remote CMTS.

• Compact Design 5U Rack Mount
• Integrated Fan Tray
• Up to 8 RP Optical Transceivers (opt. OT)
• Up to 8 RP Optical Receivers (opt. OR)      

Transceiver Module: Mux-Demux Module: PSU Module:

Wavelength: 1290 ÷ 1600nm

Fiber: Single Mode 9/125µm
Optical Return Loss: >40dB
Optical Connector: SC/APC or E2000/APC
Frequency Range: 5÷70MHz (opt. 18÷70MHz)

Optical Connector: SC/APC or E2000APC
Fiber: Single Mode 9/125µm
Insertion Loss: ≤3.5dB

Coaxial: 60 VAC/50Hz
Mains: 230VAC ± 10%/50Hz
Temperature Range: 0÷+50°C