Designed to satisfy requirements for building large cable TV network trunk lines and line extensions. It has been created using up-to date GaAs active components.

Double output power achieved by means of Power Doubler type hybrid IC allows two coaxial lines instead of one to be supplied. Hermetic casing protects the amplifier from environmental impact – dust and humidity.

• High power output stage type GaAs - Power Doubler
• Two output ports with power-feeding capabilities
• Input and output testpoints for reverse channel alignment
• Surge protection on all I/O ports             
• Water - resistant hermetic housing (IP65) for outdoor mouning
• Power-up delay start
• Under Voltage Protection

Down Stream: Up Stream: Power Supply:
Bandwidth: 85÷1218Mhz
Active Components: GaAs
Gain: 43dB
Output level CTB (@60dB): 117dBμV
Output level CSO (@60dB): 117dBμV
Bandwidth: 5÷65/85/204Mhz
Gain: 28dB
BER @ 107dBμV [256QAM x24]: <1.0E-09

Coaxial: 24÷70 VAC
Mains: 230VAC ± 10%/47÷63Hz