Designed to satisfy requirements for building CATV networks and to achieve maximum station performance.

Created using module plug-in architecture, which provides maximum flexibility in various applications. The ALC system keeps signal parameters in very tight limits according to user-defined settings, regardless of external influences.

• Automatic Level Control (ALC) with voltage controlled attenuator (optional)
• Efficient pulse power supply technology
• Surge protection 
• Water - resistant hermetic housing (IP65) for outdoor mouning
• Coaxial connectors 5/8"

Down Stream: Up Stream: Power Supply:

Bandwidth: 47/85÷862Mhz
Active Components: Hybrid ICs
Gain (ALC OFF): 32dB
Gain (ALC ON): 25dB
IMA 3≥60dB (DIN 45004B): 121dBμV
IMA 2≥60dB (DIN 45004A1): 112dBμV

Bandwidth: 5÷65/85Mhz
Gain (ALC OFF): 15dB
Gain (ALC ON): 15dB

IMA 3≥60dB (DIN 45004B): 115dBμV
IMA 2≥60dB (DIN 45004A1): 105dBμV

Coaxial: 24÷70 VAC
Mains: 100÷265