Suitable fo building cable TV network trunk lines and line extensions. Created using up-to date active components and is based on modular technology.

Hermetic casing, protects the amplifier against environmental impact - dust and humidity.

• Hybrid Push-Pull output
• Low Power consumption
• Water - resistant hermetic housing (IP65) for outdoor mouning
• Output port for checking and alignment of Down and Up stream
• Under Voltage Lockout

Down Stream: Up Stream: Power Supply:
Bandwidth: 47/85÷862Mhz
Active Components: Hybrid Push-Pull
Gain: 32dB
Output level CTB (@62dB): 104dBμV
Output level CSO (@65dB): 104dBμV
Bandwidth: 5÷65/85Mhz
Gain (Active Reverse Path): 18dB
Gain (Passive Reverse Path): -2dB

Output level (IM2>60dB): 110dBμV

Coaxial: 35÷70 VAC
Mains: 100÷265 VAC