CATV Amplifier designed for usage in subscribers building distribution networks.
Suitable for indoor mounting, powered from AC Mains.

• Based on SMD Technology
• Hydride modular reverse amplifier
• Plug-in modules for cable equalizer and passive or active reverse path
• Variable Gain and Slope control
• Coaxial "F" connectors

Down Stream: Up Stream: Power Supply:
Bandwidth: 47/85÷1000Mhz
Gain: 32dB
Gain Setup: 0÷ -20dB variable

IMA3≥60dB (DIN4500B): 115dBμV
IMA2≥60dB (DIN4500A1): 105dBμV
Bandwidth: 5÷65Mhz
Gain: 25dB
IMA3≥60dB (DIN4500B): 115dBμV
IMA2≥60dB (DIN4500A1): 105dBμV

Mains: 230VAC +5/-10% 50-60Hz