Cable TV amplifier designed especially for end users. This makes it ideal for home use with ts ease of installation and compact size. For indoor mounting, supplied from DC adapter.

• Compact home cable TV ampifier
• Available with passive or active reverse path
• 3 way power supply (through Input, Output with power inserter or directly with DC adapter)
• Easy to install (no adjustment is needed)      
• Light indication for power ON
• Coaxial "F" connectors
• DVB-T/C ready

Down Stream: Up Stream: Power Supply:

Bandwidth: 85÷862Mhz

Active Components: InGaAs E-pHEMT
Gain: 15dB

Bandwidth: 25÷65Mhz             
Gain: 10dB
Gain Flatness: ±1dB

Coaxial: 12VDC
Power Consumption: 1.6W
Temperature Range: -20 ÷ +50ºC