i-Prot is a unit destined to protect cable TV and communication network equipment agaunst current and voltage surges at the time of emergency drop and restore of the mains supply, as well as against increase of current while voltage lowers below the acceptable extents

• Defined On/Off switching
• Analysis of input mains voltage
• Delayed switching - 2.5s or 5s (manually selected)  
• LED indication for pressence of mains voltage and switched on output volgate
• IP54 Protection Level

Protection is realized by means of defined switching on and off of cable network supply , based on mains voltage analysis. In case of an unallowable voltage lowering is registered, the unit breaks the network supply and keeps watching the mains voltage. When it gets back to normal range, the unit takes a decision to switch on the supply after a waiting period of 2.5 or 5 seconds. Same procedure is performed after full stop of mains voltage. This delay causes the network supply to be restored after passing the transition processes and connected with them overvoltage peaks and instability of the mains and is manually selected 2.5 or 5s. with a jumper. Switching on and off occurs when AC voltage sign crosses the zero, the current along the network increases gradually and thus current stresses are totally eliminnated.