Designed to satisfy requirements for building large CATV network trunk lines and line extensions. Hermetic casing protects the amplifier from environmental impact - dust and humidity.

• Wide range of input optical power: from -9 to +2dBm
• Interstage equalizer, attenuator and ICS
• Automatic Level Control (ALC)
• Built-in Power Inserter            
• Low Voltage Protection

RF Section

Down Stream: Up Stream: Power Supply:

Bandwidth: 86 ÷ 1002Mhz
Flatness: ±0.5dB 
Intermodulation distortions
@ output level 108dBμV:        CSO: ≤ -70dBc
                                             CTB: ≤ -68dBc

Bandwidth: 5÷200Mhz
Flatness: ±0.5dB 

Noise Figure: 6.5dB @ 5÷200MHz

Mains: 100÷265 VAC
Coaxial: 24 ÷ 75 VAC              

Optical Section

Down Stream: Up Stream:

Wavelength: 1290÷1600nm
Fiber: SM 9/125μm
Optical Reurn Loss: > 40dB

Wavelength: CWDM @ ITU-T/6.694.2
Laser Type: FP or DFB
Optical Output Power: 0 ÷ 6dBm, ±0.5dBm