Miniature compact optical node destined for converting optical signal into RF signal and to distribute it to 4 subscribers. Each RF output has remote control (activate/block) function. The node itself is compact, rugged, simple and efficient solution for servicing of small groups of subscribers.

• Remote Control (Activate/Block) of each RF output
• Automatic Level Control (ALC) system to maintain constant RF output level within wide range of input optical power change
• LED indication of input optical power and RF output state
• Extremely low power consumption

General: Power Supply:

Input Wavelength: 1290÷1600nm
Input Optical Connector: SC/APC
Frequency bandwidth: 47÷862MHz

Supply Voltage: 8 ÷ 24VDC
Temperature Range: 0 ÷ 50°C
Power Consumption: 2.5W