Optical multimedia device, compact solution for homes and small offices.
The devise is destined for converting optical to electrical signals at the end user site and is capable to deliver Digital, Digital HD (High Definition) and Analog Television. Delivers also Ethernet with a speed up to 100Mb/s 

• Automatic Level Control (ALC)
• LED indication of input optical power
• RF output capable to supply several TV sets
• Extremely low power consumption

Technical: Technical: Power Supply:

Wavelength:  1290 ± 1600nm
Input Optical Power:  -9 ÷ +2dBm
Gain Flatness:  ± 0.5dB
Output RF Levels:  ≥ 85dBμV
Optical Connectors: SC/APC

Bandwidth: 47 ÷ 862 MHz
Optical Connector SC, SM, Bidi
Ethernet Port RJ-45; 100 Mb/s
Max. optical fiber length 25 km

Supply Voltage 5 VDC ± 10%
Power Consumption 1.7W
Operating Temperature 0 ÷ +50°C