Optical amplifier with double conversion. Input optical signal is converted to RF, processed accordingly to stabilize the level and then converted back to optical at same or different wavelength by means of FP, DFB or CWDM laser diode. 

• Gain: 9 ÷ 21dB
• Independent input and output wavelengths
• Automatic Level Control (ALC)  
• OMI adjustment
• Universal RF port (Injector or RF Output)

Technical: Technical: Power Supply:

Input Wavelength: 1270 ÷ 1600nm
Output Wavelength: DFB 1310±20nm
                              DFB 1550±20nm
                              CWDM 1270 ÷ 1610, 20nm step

Gain: 9÷21dB
Optical Return Loss: > 40dB
Optical Connectors: SC/APC

Frequency bandwidth: 47 ÷ 862MHz
Flatness: ± 0.5dB
Universal Test/Injector port: -15dB, 5/8 inch
Return loss: 18dB @ Z=75Ω

Power Supply Mains: 175 ÷ 265VAC
Power Supply Coaxial: 35 ÷ 75VAC
Power Consumption: ≤3.50W

Available modifications for OPR-12F:

  • OPR-12F-31/2: Optical Recuperator, 2mW/3dBm,1310nm-(47-862MHz)
  • OPR-12F-31/4: Optical Recuperator, 4mW/6dBm,1310nm-(47-862MHz)
  • OPR-12F-31/8: Optical Recuperator, 8mW/9dBm,1310nm-(47-862MHz)

  • OPR-12F-55/2: Optical Recuperator, 2mW/3dBm,1550nm-(47-862MHz)
  • OPR-12F-55/4: Optical Recuperator, 4mW/6dBm,1550nm-(47-862MHz)

  • OPR-12F-CWDM/2: Optical Recuperator, 2mW/3dBm,CWDM-(47-862MHz)
  • OPR-12F-CWDM/4: Optical Recuperator, 4mW/6dBm,CWDM-(47-862MHz)