Designed to satisfy requirements for building large CATV network trunk lines and line extensions. Can be used in existing or new PON networks. Other applications are also possible, for expample suchs as HFC networks.

Hermetic casing protects the amplifier from environmental impact - dust and humidity.

• Complete no Optical Beat Interferece (OBI) solution for RFoG networks
• PON Compatible
• Up to 16 selectable wavelengths in a single node
• Selectable DOWN stream and UP stream bandwidths            
• Optical Gain Control (OGC)
• Full DOCSIS 3.1 compliance

RF Section

Down Stream: Up Stream: Power Supply:

Bandwidth: 258 ÷ 1218Mhz
Flatness: ±1.5dB 
Intermodulation distortions
@ output level 108dBμV:        CSO: ≤ -60dBc
                                             CTB: ≤ -60dBc

Bandwidth: 12÷110/204Mhz
Flatness: ±1.5dB 

OMI Setting: 15%@min. 76dBμV

Mains: 100÷265 VAC
Power Consumption: 22W(Typical)/28W(Peak)

Optical Section

Down Stream: Up Stream:

Wavelength: 1545÷1555nm
Fiber: SM 9/125μm
Optical Reurn Loss: > 40dB

Wavelength: 1610±7.5nm
Laser Type: DFB
Laser rise/fall time: < 1.5μs