ORN-8753 is an optical receiver (node) destined for providing uninterrupted output RF signal. This is achieved by means of reception and analysis of two optical signals from two independent optical routes. Should one of them get worse or stops, the node automatically switches to the other optical signal.

• Microprocessor control
• High output level
• Power Doubler output
• Wide input optical power range: +2 ÷ -9dBm          
• Automatic Level Control (ALC) system
• Electronic interstage cable corrector and attenuator
• Configurable output ports

General: Power Supply:

Input Wavelength: 1290÷1600nm
Optical Connector: SC/APC
Output Levels: ≥108 dBµV

Power Supply: 88 ÷ 264 VAC
Power Consumption: 17W
Protection Level: IP51