Down Stream optical transmitter. Designed for conversion of the RF signal in the frequency range 45÷862MHz into optical signal emitted at a wavelength, by means of DFB laser diode. Equipped with system for monitoring and displaying device status by LEDs.

Designed specifically for outdoor applications and environments with high humidity. Suitable for data, digital and analog TV signal transmissions along optical paths with length up to 25km. 

• Built-in equalizer and attenuator
• Automatic Level Control (ALC)
• Easy optical modulation index (OMI) setting  
• 1.0GHz build available upon request
• Under Voltage Protection (UVP)

Technical: Technical: Power Supply:

Wavelength: DFB 1310±20nm
                   DFB 1550±20nm
                   CWDM 1270 ÷ 1610, 20nm step

Output Power: 3dBm(2mW)/6dBm(4mW)/9dBm(8mW)
Optical Connectors: SC/APC

Frequency bandwidth: 47 ÷ 862MHz
Flatness: ± 0.75dB
RF Input Level: 75÷85dB
Return loss: >18dB @ Z=75Ω

Power Supply Mains: 175 ÷ 265VAC
Power Supply Coaxial: 35 ÷ 75VAC
Power Consumption: ≤4W

Available modifications for LT-6870:

  • LT-6870-C/M-31/2: Optical Transmitter, 2mW/3dBm,1310nm-(47-862MHz)
  • LT-6870-C/M-31/4: Optical Transmitter, 4mW/6dBm,1310nm-(47-862MHz)
  • LT-6870-C/M-31/8: Optical Transmitter, 8mW/9dBm,1310nm-(47-862MHz)

  • LT-6870-C/M-55/2: Optical Transmitter, 2mW/3dBm,1550nm-(47-862MHz)
  • LT-6870-C/M-55/4: Optical Transmitter, 4mW/6dBm,1550nm-(47-862MHz)

  • LT-6870-C/M-CWDM/2: Optical Transmitter, 2mW/3dBm,CWDM-(47-862MHz)
  • LT-6870-C/M-CWDM/4: Optical Transmitter, 4mW/6dBm,CWDM-(47-862MHz)