Hand-held Cable TV analyser destined for the installation and maintenance of Cable TV networks. Its built-in functions and capabilities are developed to meet the increasing requirements for high accuracy of measurements and complexity of analyses as well as simplicity in performing complex tasks.

• Intelligent Software Control
• Portability and High Reliability
• Easy to operate with
• Suitable for CATV installers and Telecom Operators    
• Suitable for service workshop specialists

Tuning: Level Measurement: Carrier to Noise:

DOWN Stream: 47÷870Mhz

UP Stream: 5÷65Mhz
Tuning mode: by channels or by frequency
Frequency resolution: 50kHz
Frequency stability: ± 5ppm                                                                         

Measurement Range: 25÷120dBµV
Readout: digital dBµV, resolution 0.1dB                   IF Bandwidth: 100KH
Input Impedance: 75Ω    


Max Dynamic Range: 60dB
    (90dBµV reference input level)                      Accuracy: ± 2dB