Modular amplifier compatible with the universal platform UMP-6U.
Contains two changeable plug-ins:
  -  Filter plug-in
  -  Output plug-in
The amplifier is accomplished with GaAsFET active components.

• Microprocessor control
• Powerful integral output - GaAsFET Power Doubler
• Electronic cable corrector and interstage attenuator
• Input Signal test port        
• UMP-6U Compatible

DOWN Stream: Plug-Ins: Power Supply:
Bandwidth: 47/85÷1000Mhz
Gain: 32dB
Flatness: ±0.5dB
Interstage Attenuator: 0÷15dB/0.5dB step
Interstage Cable Corrector: 0÷15dB/0.5dB step

Filter Plug-Ins:
HPF-HA-1000 High Pass Filter
LPF-HA-1000 Low Pass Filter
BPF-HA-1000 Band Pass Filter      


Supply Voltage: 24VDC                      
Power Consumption: 15W